Saturday, May 21, 2011

From Prague to Frankfurt and to our new adventure land!

On May 5 around noon, we were off to Prague. gG was really calm in a car although most of the time he was burried among all the baggages we had to jam into the car. We got to the embassy in Prague and got our visas without any trouble. It was a night and day experience compared to the time I applied for a Czech visa. We submitted our applications a week ago, and both my hubby and I had a visa stamped in our passports!

We drove off to the Prague airport immediately, unloaded gG in a carrier bag, 3 suitcases, a bag containing gG's portable litter box, my backpack, my hubby's briefcases, and two paper bags containing the stuff like gG's food, water, etc. Yes, gG has lots of personal attachments.

While my hubby was returning the rental car, I repacked all 3 suitcases right in the middle of the airport while gG was meowing loudly attracting all kinds of attention from the surrounding people. :)  Since we had to stay in Frankfurt over night before taking off to our final destination, we wanted to pack everything we needed for the next couple of days in one of the suitcases and wanted to check in other suitcases all the way to our final destination. Thank god we had a plenty of time before the flight. I managed to finish the repacking, and gG managed to get a daily exercise by walking around the airport with my hubby (and getting lots of attention from people). ^^;  And, due to the exercise, he decided to go poo poo right before the boarding time, again right in front of everyone. We snapped open the bag containing the litter box, and there he went stinking up the surrounding area.  ^^;

Luckily we got business class tickets, and so did gG (well, he is considered to be the "excess baggage", but we had to pay approx. 1500 CZK for him). The flight was a quick one hour flight, and since we had an empty seat between me and my hubby, gG sat on a business class seat. :)  I think he liked the luxurious treatment he got, and he kept being quiet throughout the flight.  Good boy!

We stayed in Frankfurt one night and next morning we were off to the airport again. By then, gG knew that he was in another mission of travelling to another unknown land (btw, the taxis in Frankfurt were all Benz. Great deal!).

Luckily we were in business class for this leg too (and gG also had one seat for himself, as the business cabin was pretty much empty).  gG slept through most of the way to the destination.

It was past 1am when we got to the baggage claim. Retrieved our baggages and went to the animal quarantine center. The inspector was so nice. He checked all the documents and asked us to open gG's carriage case. So we did, and immediately after he saw gG, he was like "this is the most beautiful cat that I've ever seen!" Ha ha ha :)  Okay, I am being a silly parent here. Anyway, the process was quick, and gG and we were out of the airport very smoothly.

And, we breathed in the first air of our new adventure land!

This post is the last post of this blog. It was a great 1.5 years that I spent in the Czech Republic. I learned quite a bit about the European history, Czech culture, Janáček, and life in Brno. I met one of the greatest people whom I miss greatly. Thank you everyone for reading this blog.

If you are interested in our new adventure, I am starting two new blogs; one in English (Holy Cow! It's India) and one in Japanese (TBD). Please come and check them out when you have time.

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