Friday, March 19, 2010

Fried chicken and green beans

Fried chicken
In Japanese, this type of fried chicken is called "Kara-age" - meaning Chinese style frying.
Cut the chicken thighs into pieces.
Prepare a mixture of sake and soy sauce (1:1) and plus ginger (small amount if you have any), and marinate the chicken pieces for about 20 mins.
Put "Katakuriko" (or corn starch) in a plastic bag and put pieces of chicken in it.  Mix well.
Then fry them (make sure the oil is not too hot).

Fried green beans
Actually this is one of my favorites.  It is so fast and easy to cook. 
After you wash, dry them thoroughly, and take the stems off from the green beans, you just dump them into the mid-temperature oil and fry them for about 1 min or so.  Don't leave the beans in oil for too long.  You want to leave the crispiness.
Sprinkle sea salt and Katsuobushi while beans are still hot.

Not too healthy, but both of these are so good!

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