Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mr. Clean becomes Mr. Proper

Somehow Mr. Clean is called Mr. Proper here.  Not sure if the "Mr. Proper" name is used only in Czech Republic or across EU, but Mr. Proper certainly looks like the same guy as Mr. Clean to me - well, except one thing.  As you know, Mr. Clean has an earring on one ear and has his arms crossed in front of his chest like Genie. Mr. Proper has the earring and does the same with his arms, but he seems to have a tiny little pierce on the other ear... hmmm.

Anyway, I did a bit of research on Mr. Clean, as I was always interested in the concept of having a middle aged macho man on the household cleaner product. 

It seems that he has been around since 1958! And, he even got a first name "Veritably" in 1962!  Well, I have to say it is an odd name, but...

He always smiled, but at one point in 1960s, he was a "Mean Mr. Clean" who hates dirt.  Here is the commercial of "Mean Mr. Clean."

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