Thursday, March 18, 2010

Online Yoga Class

I just managed to get connected with my Yoga teacher in LA via email!  It was such a pleasure as I couldn't make it to her classes right before we moved to Czech Republic (there were way too many unexpected tasks wrt the move) and couldn't even thank her in person for the Yoga lessons that she taught me throughout last year. 

Yoga was certainly one of the best things that I experienced last year, and I was so determined that I would continue the practice even by myself.  And, I had been practicing on my own, but gradually I felt that I was missing something.  Then, my teacher introduced me to this online Yoga courses provided by Yogaglo.  For only $18/month, you get unlimitted access to their content (lessons, lectures, etc).  There are a huge variety of Yoga lessons that you can choose from in different styles and durations. Now every morning, I would just look at different courses and pick one that I want to try.  It makes a HUGE difference to have a teacher in front of you, and I am so glad that signed up for it. 

And, amazingly it did attract gG quite a bit.  He is a unique cat to begin with, but I have never seen him drawn into what's on my monitor.  He was definitely getting into it.

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