Sunday, March 21, 2010


Some of you may know that I burned out the power supply of my PC that was delivered via air all the way from LA to Brno back in January.  It was a frightening experience.  And the other day, the electricity in our house went out the minute my hubby plugged the US power strip with the EU converter into the jack.  It was bad, as we didn't know where the main electricity panel was.  It took like 30 mins to find it in the dark.  Since then I have this phobia for plugging in any kind of US devices into the EU jacks.  When we got our elliptical machine delivered recently, we needed to find a transformer.  Finding anything here in Czech is tough for us because of two reasons; 1) language, and 2) Internet capability.  I suppose if you can speak Czech, you go to the top search engine here in Czech called Seznam, and you probably won't even encounter 2) issue.  Instead, we have to rely on Google (forget Yahoo), and the result is not always that great. 

Anyway, we ended up getting more great help from Jana.  We got the "correct" transformer, and my hubby just plugged our elliptical machine into it and it to the wall jack, and it worked!!   This morning, I managed to do 30 mins of elliptical machine the first time in 3 months!  It was so great.

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