Monday, March 15, 2010

Meal vouchers

My hubby's company offers each employee a set of meal vouchers every month.  Since my hubby is too busy to eat lunch most of the time (too bad!), I was benefitted to use them for him :-)   Well, I don't usually go out for lunch unless I am meeting somebody, but the good thing is that these meal vouchers can be used in the grocery stores such as Albert as well. 

Btw, 70 Kč is about $3.50 (or maybe worth more now as CZK is doing well against USD).  And, as I wrote in my previous post, you can typically eat good lunch for 70 Kč. 

Also, groceries are not that expensive here, either.  The other day, I bought a bottle of red wine, 1.5 litter bottle of Jemně Perlivá (gently sparkling water), 1 litter of milk, 2 bottle of Czech beers, 1 carton full of mushrooms, 1 bag of salad leaves, 1 Yorgurt drink, and 1 container of tomato sauce. The total bill was only 160 Kč!!   (btw, we didn't drink all that in one day - just so that you know ^^)

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